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That one time that all four Robins teamed up and were being awesome together.

And in case anyone’s wondering, how to define the Robins goes like this:

Dick: The Acrobat

Jason: The Punk

Tim: The Detective

Damian: The Prince

Four brothers, all Robins.  All great in their own way.  Heaven help the poor bastards who try to go against them

EDIT: In response to a few reblogs, I will list the girls that have played Robin as well.  Tomasi did a great job with this book, writing about the Robins.  I don’t think he was being sexist at all, given that he only had the boys to work with, that blame goes to the editors at DC, which are good, hard-working people that we aren’t always going to agree with (don’t get angry about things you can’t control).

However, I will name the girls right now:

Steph: The Spoiler

Helena: The Outsider

Carrie: The Future.

So here’s to the Robins, the Batgirls, and other assorted defenders of Gotham.  May they continue their mission, with more and more sass with every issue.


 Red Hood and the Outlaws #32

written by Scott Lobdellart by Rafa Sandoval, R.B. Silva, Wayne Faucher, & Jordi Tarragona

I’d hoped to find this animated gif on another Tumblr page to post it, but just couldn’t locate it. This is just too cool, and really does sum up a lot of the history of Batman and his many Robins. I just don’t understand why, if this is being told by Stephanie Brown, she wouldn’t include herself among the past Robins.

Pretty much how it is

Sounds good to me


DC Comics selfie variants for August.

I really like all of them except Grayson’s… Its kind of boring,

I died at Alfred with Batman’s costume…